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About Medical Cannabis

We work with the renowned Dutch manufacturer Bedrocan and offer you the 5 established varieties:  

Bedrocan THC 22%, CBD <1.0%, Sativa, Flos

Bedrobinol THC 13.5%, CBD <1.0%, Sativa, Flos  

Bediol THC 6.3%, CBD 8%, Sativa, granules  

Bedica THC 14%, CBD <1.0%, indica, granules  

Bedrolite THC <1.0%, CBD 9%, Sativa, Granulate 

Since March 2017, cannabis can be obtained on prescription for certain diseases.  Therapy with medical cannabis is conceivable for the following diseases:     

  • Chronic pain,     
  • Spasticity in multiple sclerosis and paraplegia,     
  • Epilepsy,     
  • Nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy as well     
  • Increased appetite for HIV / AIDS. 

Possible areas of application for medical cannabis are accordingly     

  • Anxiety disorders     
  • leep disorders    
  • Tourette syndrome and     
  • ADHD - even if there is little scientific evidence to support it.

 Cannabis, however, is not effective for the indications     

  • Depressions    
  • Psychoses    
  • Dementia     
  • Glaucoma and    
  • Bowel diseases


The cannabis flowers should always be heated before ingestion.  That is why there are two ways of taking it:     

  • Inhalation through an vaporizer     
  • Tea preparation  When preparing tea, you should make sure that you boil the tea with the flowers for a long time in order to achieve the appropriate dose of active ingredients in the tea water.

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